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Packing & Shipping Efficiency

See inside sealed packaging, enabling you to automatically verify proper packaging, count contents, and detect damaged or missing items.

See through and behind the front row of goods on a shelf
to automatically count inventory.

Inventory Verification and
Stock-Out Prevention


ABI Research has reported that using traditional inventory counting methods yield inventory accuracies of around 65%, leading to frequent stock-outs.

A CNBC report estimates the total value of lost sales for retail businesses due to stock-out issues was $634.1 billion in 2015.

Incoming Shipment Verification

With today’s just-in-time manufacturing flows, errors in supplier shipments can have devastating effects: 

“While one minute of stopped (automobile) production, or downtime, costs an average of $22,000, some survey respondents cite the figure to be as high as $50,000 per minute.”
–Thomas, Nielsen Research

Wasteful Packaging Detection


A typical e-commerce parcel can contain up to 40% void space, which increases cardboard usage, requires more filler material, and raises transportation costs. 

– DHL's Rethinking Packaging Report

Return Fraud Protection


According to NRF's 2015 retail return fraud survey, almost 4 percent of total returns are fraudulent. Annual merchandise return fraud and abuse combined is estimated to be between $9.1 billion and $15.9 billion for the entire retail industry.

ThruWave’s low-cost mmWave sensors for commercial and industrial applications use patent-pending radar signal processing innovations and GPU accelerated image reconstruction techniques.

ThruWave’s modular architecture enables mmWave sensors to be easily retrofitted to existing conveyor and robotic material handling systems. Our high speed sensors can create an image of goods up to 2.5 meters tall, moving up to 3 meters/second in high throughput systems.


ThruWave sensors are human-safe and can be installed alongside human workers without any shielding required.

What are Millimeter Waves (mmWaves)?

Millimeter waves are defined as radio waves at frequencies between approximately 17.5 GHz and 200+ GHz, corresponding to wavelengths between 20 mm and 1 mm. Millimeter waves are human safe, but penetrate most non-metallic packaging materials (cardboard, plastic bags, paper, foam, wood, etc.).


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