X2 mmWave Imaging System

ThruWave’s X2 Millimeter Wave Imaging System enables high speed 3D imaging of objects through non-metallic packaging materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, fabric, and wood. The X2 imaging system uses very low power millimeter wave radio signals to ensure human safety, and can be used to image people and/or objects in close proximity. 

The X2 imaging system is flexible and easily configured with a varying number of Sensor Modules to support even very large image volumes. The X2 Sensor Modules work in concert to transmit human-safe millimeter wave signals and receive reflections from objects in the image volume. The Sensor Modules make imaging measurements with a sampling rate of up to 1,000 measurements per second to minimize motion blur, even for objects on fast-moving conveyors.

Up to 16 X2 Sensor Modules can be connected to a single X-Series Concentrator. The Concentrator collects raw image data from the Sensor Modules and provides a Gigabit Ethernet interface to a ruggedized Linux-based Imaging Server that generates 3D images in near-real time.

Sample Image

Imaging System Block Diagram
Each X-Series Concentrator supports up to 16 Sensor Modules and collects raw data for transfer via gigabit Ethernet to a Linux based imaging server. Imaging can be triggered by a break-beam or proximity sensor to enable a precise registration of objects to a camera image.

ThruWave Sensor Module (left) and X-Series Concentrator (right)

Image Resolution
The ThruWave X2 system produces 3D images with a voxel resolution better than 15 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm (x,y,z). These 3D images form a dataset that can be visualized as a series of depth slices (like a CT scan) or automatically interpreted by software to yield process-relevant data such as item count and fill fraction, detect missing items, detect damaged items, etc.

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